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1. THE PREMISE: During the Hunt, Teams compete for Points.
Points are earned by completing Items.
Each Item corresponds to a unique Point value.
The Items are presented on a List.
The List is obtained at Release.
The Items are judged at Judgment.
The Team with the most Points at the end of Judgment wins.
Any questions?

2. THE TEAMS: A Team can be any number of people. Each team needs at least one (1) Captain to communicate with Judges. All Teams are required to register by Fri. 10/7 (see “The Events”).

3. THE ITEMS: Items may include, but are not limited to: Big Items, Little Items, Artsy Items, Sciencey Items, History Items, Goofy Items, Learning Things, Building Things, Finding Things, Doing Things, Going Places, Singing, Dancing, Drumming, and Cavorting.

4. THE POINTS: Point decisions are final. A Judge may decide to award partial credit for items that are partially completed. On *rare* occasions, at the Judges’ discretion, “Special” Points may be awarded for an incredible job.

5. THE JUDGES: Judges have three main responsibilities: 1) Writing the List, 2) Judging Items, and 3) Administering the Hunt. If your teammates have a question about the Hunt, Items, Points, etc. they should pass this to a Judge via their Captain.

6. THE LIST: The List is the heart and soul of the Hunt. It includes: 1) the Rules, 2) the Items and Points, and 3) Charming Miscellany and Errata.

7. THE LAW: Everything on this list can be done legally. REPEAT: Everything on this list can be done legally! And safely. Without risk to life and limb. Don’t be dumb. The Judges and Hunt are not responsible if you break the either the Laws of the Land or the Laws of Physics. Team members are responsible for the consequences of their actions.

8. THE LIABILITY: Per the Law, etc. etc., all participants will be asked to sign a Liability Waiver, and minors participating will also have to have a Permission Slip signed by their parent or guardian. Minors under thirteen must have a parent or guardian on their team.

9. THE HONOR SYSTEM: Don’t sabotage the efforts of other teams; this could result in disqualification.

10. THE EVENTS: All teams are required to Register and to attend two parts of the Hunt in order to receive Points:
— Teams must register no later than Thurs. 10/6. To register, please fill out the form posted at http://gothicfunk.org/flash-registration/
— the List Release, which will begin at 6 PM on Fri. 10/7 at Node 11*.
— Judgment, which will begin at 6 PM on Mon. 10/10 at Node 12**. Teams should bring their completed items to Judgment.
— There may be other events listed as Items on the List. Attendance is optional, but not attending means that Teams would miss out on that Item’s Points.

11. THE PRIZES: The winning team of the 2016 Flint Area Scavenger Hunt will receive 1) $50, 2) a Trophy, and 3) Mad Props.

* Location TBA in Flint, Michigan.
** Location TBA in Flint, Michigan.





Flint, MI / 6 September, 2016 – The Flint Area Scavenger Hunt (FLASH), a four day scavenger hunt coordinated by the Flint-based Gothic Funk Press, will take place in Flint this October 7th to 10th.

The hunt will begin with the release of a list of items on the evening of October 7th at a time and place in Flint to be announced to registered teams. The list will consist of approximately 100 items including trivia, found objects, performances, construction tasks, event participation, and more. Team performance will be evaluated on the evening of October 10th (aka Indigenous Peoples’ Day) at a time and place in Flint to be announced to registered teams. The winning team will receive a $50 prize, a trophy, and bragging rights.

All teams must register before list release at http://www.gothicfunkpress.com/flint-area-scavenger-hunt/. Registration and participation is free. All participants are asked to sign liability waivers at list release and the parents/guardians of participating minors are asked to sign permission slips.

FLASH is inspired and judged by former participants in the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt, aka Scavhunt. Scavhunt has been the subject of infamy for such items as 1999’s “working nuclear reactor” and 2008’s “Zeusaphone,” garnering coverage by The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun-Times, as well as two documentary films: The Hunt and Scavengers. In 2011, Scavhunt was Guinness certified as the world’s largest scavenger hunt.

In 2012 Scavhunt participants with Flint roots decided to attempt a test run of the Flint Area Scavenger Hunt, with five teams completing 75 items in three days. Items included a model of the solar system made out of General Motors hubcaps, a Minecraft rendering of Longway Planetarium, additional invented verses of the weather ball rhyme, and games of skill at the Flushing Summerfest. FLASH 2016 will be built upon the success of the 2012 event.

The Gothic Funk Press aspires to be an independent and experimental literary publisher based in Flint, Michigan, drawing talent locally and from around the world. The Press is organizing projects such as FLASH to promote a spirit of joy, adventure, and community in Flint, Michigan.

More information on FLASH 2016 is available at the Gothic Funk Press website: http://www.gothicfunkpress.com/flint-area-scavenger-hunt/.

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