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Elisabeth is a Michigan-based composer, vocalist, poet and doodler. After several fun years doing the singer/songwriter circuit down in Chicago, she has switched gears and will be starting an MM in Music Composition this fall, doing things with strings and orchestras and such. She’s passionate about caring for and respecting elders and invests a lot of time working and volunteering with that community. Her website is







Director, Editor

Connor Coyne grew up in Flint, Michigan, and has lived in Chicago and New York City. He received his Bachelors from the University of Chicago and his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the New School. He has written plays, poetry, essays, short stories, and novels.

Connor’s work has been published in the Santa Clara Review, the Moria Poetry Zine, the Flint Broadside, Qua Fine Arts Magazine (University of Michigan — Flint), the Dick Pig Review, and the Saturnine Detractor. He participates in Flint Youth Theatre, has contributed to the literary blog bkish, was a cofounder of Chicago’s Gothic Funk Nation and the editor-in-chief of its arts journal, The Paramanu Pentaquark.

He maintains a website at




Let’s see… Jessica lived in Ohio for 18 years, Chicago for six, New York for two and change, and back to Chicago again. She loves sharks, yellow sunglasses, convertibles, watermelons, and fireworks. I hates washing dishes, riding public transportation, and mean people. She thinks Indiana Jones is the ultimate fantasy date. She calls everyone “dude.” She listens to both great and dweeby music. She’s going to name her third child “Boblem.” She doesn’t keep in touch very well. She never searches for the perfect parking spot. She doesn’t (usually) go for outlaw bikers. She’s bought two cars, sold two, held around a dozen jobs, gone into massive debt, performed for thousands, written a novel, been published several times (unrelated to the novel), won medals, helped deliver babies, and spent a night making homemade lederhosen.




Skylar Moran is a product of Muskegon, MI, and is currently located in Chicago, IL. He has attended University of Detroit Mercy, and Northern Michigan University. His primary profession is architecture, with specific interest in New Urbanism, sustainable design, and Vaastu Shastra. Other interests include disc golf, macrobiotics, and brewing beer. Skylar’s hero, living or otherwise, is R. Buckminster Fuller.

He holds the fundamental belief that all people are inherently good. For Skylar, Gothic Funk is when, through a series of events, any expectations one might have previously held are so thoroughly exceeded that one must consider adopting a new model on which to base future expectations.




Sam is messing around with book covers for the Gothic Funk Press right now. He’s probably designing them a little bit too. He wishes he were sailing, RIGHT NOW. With goggles & c.

When he’s not hating zombies or coding, he can be found at Steampunk Chicago, the Undead Report, Forge22 Design, or at the Gothic Funk.




When not slowly going insane, Reinhardt Suarez writes and edits in the tundral hinterlands of Minnesota. He teaches writing at the Loft Literary Center in downtown Minneapolis, as well–this he does simultaneously with going insane (to save time).

Most recently, his short story, “Jimi Henrix Used to Play at the 8th Wonder,” was published in the Winter 2012 issue of NY ______. Magazine. He also co-authored a story with Angela Veronica Wong, illustrated by Christine Norrie, for Secret Identities Vol. 2: Shattered, an Asian-American graphic novel anthology coming out in fall 2012. The bulk of his published work, however, is forever enmeshed in the text authored by other, more illustrious names. He’d like you to know that he’s reasonably okay with this. Reasonably.

He would also like you to know that if you ask him if he’s a god, he will say “yes.” In fact, he will say “yes” to most things, such as swarthy pirates, certain moldy cheeses, and Abraham Lincoln. Wait, he’s recently changed his mind about Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe gets a “no.” Also getting a “no” are jock straps, lobster bibs featuring lobsters who do not have bibs on themselves as well, and kumquats. Kumquats? Yes, kumquats. He means “no, kumquats.”